Club Welfare Officer importance emphasised

Our Cricket Development Officer Patricia Hankins has emphasised the importance of the Club Welfare Officer role ahead of the next course at the County Ground on Monday.

This course, starting at 6pm tonight and ending at 9pm, is aimed at new people taking up Welfare Officer positions.

Hankins, a Club Welfare Officer herself, said: “It’s essential for each club to have a Club Welfare Officer for any problems with the children or anyone in the junior sections, for them to be able to go to someone.

“We run two courses a year, one refresher and one new and the new one’s coming up on Monday in the indoor school.

“I did the club welfare officer course myself, and look after Northants welfare underneath Martin Reece who’s the Head Club Welfare Officer here.

“If there’s any problems people can come to me and I can help them out and give them the routes they need to go down.”

Speaking about the significance of Club Welfare Officers generally, she added: “It is really essential that every club has Welfare Officers in place.

“Otherwise if something does happen, which we hope it doesn’t, but if something does (the children) have got to have somebody to be able to go to who has been told about the new regulations that have come in each year.

By Matthew Henderson