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Clubmark Process

Below is the Clubmark Process as shown on the ECB website. After the chart there is a brief description of each stage in the process which has also been lifted from the ECB website.

Step 1 | ECB Clubmark Registration

Your County Cricket Development Manager will have already registered your club with the ECB. You will have received your ECB Clubmark Evidence File and your CD-ROM.

Step 2 | Actively Working Towards and Support

The key is SELF HELP. The ECB Clubmark Evidence File and CD-ROM have been written so that your club can support yourselves through the ECB Clubmark process, utilising the help of your Cricket Development Manager / local Sports Development Officer as and when you need.

Step 3 | ECB Clubmark Assessment

Divided into two elements:

1. Assessment of your ECB Clubmark Evidence File – using the Evidence File Checklist

2. ECB Clubmark Site Visit – an assessment at your club’s venue, assessing how you have implemented and communicated the policies and procedures within ECB Clubmark. The Site Visit checklist is used.

Assessment of your ECB Clubmark Evidence File Checklist can take place at any time during the year.

Your ECB Clubmark Site Visit will take place between the months of April and end of August (during the cricket season).

You will be given a four week period during which your Site Visit will take place. This ensures the Site Visit is a true reflection of the day-to-day running of your club, at the same time as giving you time to prepare.

ECB Clubmark Nominated Officers

Each County Cricket Board has a group of ECB Clubmark Nominated Officers’ who will assess ECB Clubmark. These people trained by the ECB are equipped to assess your ECB Clubmark Evidence File and perform your ECB Clubmark Site Visit.

Through your Cricket Development Manager you will be allocated a Nominated Officer to liaise with when the time is ready for your assessment of ECB Clubmark.

Step 4 | Annual Health Check

The ECB Clubmark Annual Health Check is an annual check to ensure clubs continue to maintain ECB Clubmark standards.

This is a self declaration process. The Annual Health Check ‘checklist’ can be found in the ECB Clubmark Checklists Folder on your CD ROM.

It is a simple tick box exercise that needs to be completed and returned to your Cricket Development Manager.

Your Cricket Development Manager will inform you of the date of your Annual Health check.

Although this is a self declaration process, Cricket Development Managers can request evidence from Clubs at any time, and your Cricket Development Manager can explain in more detail the process if a club is not maintaining ECB Clubmark Standards.

Step 5 | ECB Clubmark Re-Accreditation

ECB Clubmark accreditation status lasts for three years. However the emphasis is for you to maintain ECB Clubmark standards on an annual basis (Step 4).

Every third year clubs will be required to review their ECB Clubmark Evidence File using the Evidence File Checklist and a further Site Visit will be conducted (Step 3).

Step 6 | Withdrawal of ECB Clubmark Status

At any point, the ECB can withdraw ECB Clubmark status from a cricket club.

We do not however want this to happen and have a process in place to help and support clubs through County Cricket Boards and Cricket Development Managers to continually maintain ECB Clubmark standards.

If in doubt, your Cricket Development Manager should be your first point of call.

Step 7 | ECB Clubmark External Moderation

The ECB will be externally moderated to ensure we are continually meeting high standards within our club accreditation scheme – ECB Clubmark.

This will involve an independent consultancy company moderating ECB at a national level and annually visiting ECB Clubmark accredited clubs.

Clubs will be chosen at random and clubs will be given notice when external moderation will be taking place at their club.