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England and Wales Cricket Trust

Interest-free loan scheme for clubs
. The England and Wales Cricket Trust welcomes eligible ECB affiliated cricket clubs with junior sections to consider an interest-free loan to assist in the development of facilities on their ground,851,BP.html


Northamptonshire Community Foundation

Northamptonshire Community Foundation is an independent grant making charity in the County.  In 2016 they supported 6 projects for Cricket Clubs in Northamptonshire providing over £10,000 worth of funding. You can apply for up to £3000 from the NCF Small Grants programme.
Closing dates for General Grants applications for 2016/17: If you apply for a general grant, a committee meets at the end of that month to make a decision on your application and you would find out the outcome within the first couple of weeks of the following month.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Friday 4th November 2016

Friday 6th January 2017

Friday 3rd February


EWCT Small Grants

The aim of the EWCT Small Grant Scheme- which is supported by Waitrose is to create a sustainable future for affiliated cricket clubs. The scheme supports clubs to make small changes to improve their long term sustainability and/ or to increase the number of games played.
The scheme is open to all affiliated cricket clubs- the cricket club needs to have the following: A constitution, valid buildings, contents and public liability insurance and security of tenure.

Action Deadline
Simple e-mail to Patricia Hankins (Cricket Board) advising the project being considered (including total expected cost) This will allow us to gauge demand and research additional partnership funding- FRIDAY 23rd DECEMBER 2016
Cricket Board to mail Clubs with application forms and advising any partnership funding requirements-  W/C 1st JANUARY 2017
Fully completed Applications to be returned to Patricia Hankins (Cricket Board)- FRIDAY 20th JANUARY 2017.

If you have not received the guidance notes please email Patricia on and she will be happy to forward them to you. Application forms will be available soon.