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Sky Sports Coach Awards

It is the time of year when ECB CA and ECB Coach Education ask each of the county coaches associations to consider nominations for the three coaching awards sponsored by Sky Sports. The Awards were launched in 2007 as a way of saying thank you to people who have made a significant contribution to the support and development of coaches and coaching in cricket. As well as regional winners, in 2011 Northamptonshire had a National winner of the Young Coach of the Year Award in Lizzie Harrison. What we would like is for you to consider the three categories, the details of which are found below, on the attached forms and at If you can think of someone who fits the criteria and is deserving of the award, please complete the forms as fully as possible and send by email to either your District Development Coach or to Derek Styman ( at the County Board Development office. Each nomination that is sent in will be fully considered by the Northants selection committee and then one candidate for each category will be sent through to the ECB CA selection panel, who will decide on both regional and national award winners. The three nominees from the county will all be rewarded by the ECB either through attendance at an international fixture this summer or, in the case of the Young Coach of the Year, a chance to spend a day with one of the leading cricket coaches in the country. These decisions are based solely on the quality and detail of the information given for each nominee so please try to get as much detail for your nominee as possible which may include discussions with your club coaching colleagues. The deadline for nominations to ECB CA is February 8th 2013, so please send them into the Northants office in advance of this date. Thank you for your continuing support of this scheme and to cricket in Northamptonshire.

Outstanding Contribution

This person has been at the heart of things seemingly forever. They have probably played every role there is to play and without them cricket coaching in your club, in your league, your county or at your school just wouldn’t be the same or just would happen at all. Does your hero do one or more of the following?

  • Administrative support and or the development of coaching
  • The development and growth of coaches and or Coaches Association’s
  • Increased the number of coaches and or player participation

Coach of the Year

There are thousands of qualified coaches in clubs and schools up and down the country. Who goes the extra mile? Who makes a difference to you or your players, club or school? Who’s your coaching hero? Does your coaching hero do one or more of the following?

  • The development and success of players and teams
  • The design, production and implementation of coaching programmes
  • Provide Innovation and inspirational coaching methods which have significantly improved player and team performances

Young Coach of the Year

Do you know someone who’s already making a difference? Who’s already passing on their enthusiasm for the game and inspiring the next generation of players. We are looking for young coaches who are 25 or under who you would like to say thank you to. Does your coaching hero do one or more of the following?

  • Shown a commitment to developing the game at grass roots and community level
  • Has had a clear impact with a local school or club
  • Shown creativity and determination in their development as a coach