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OMT Role & Responsibilities


The Operational Management Team (OMT) is tasked with creating and managing strategies to secure the future of recreational cricket within Northamptonshire whilst creating and developing the identity of Northants Recreational Cricket.

Key areas of responsibility

  • Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Assessment
  • Human Resources
  • Communication

Area of responsibility – Governance

  • Develop an effective Governance Strategy for Northants Recreational Cricket
  • Develop, introduce and manage an effective transparent decision making process
  • Identify the most suitable constitutional status for Northants Recreational Cricket
  • Promote the “One Game” values within the Northants Cricket Community
  • Create a clear management structure for Northants Recreational Cricket

Area of responsibility – Strategic Planning

  • Provide the long term vision for Northants Recreational Cricket
  • Identify Northants Recreational Cricket’s strategic priorities
  • Develop and articulate a written strategic plan for Northants Recreational Cricket after consultation with the Cricket Development Manager (CDM) and stakeholders in Northants Cricket
  • Develop and articulate specific plans for Facilities, Workforce Planning, Women’s and Girls Cricket and Disability Cricket
  • Promote Equity and Child Welfare

Area of responsibility – Financial Management

  • Set Financial Management structures and procedures for Northants Recreational Cricket
  • Agree budgets to support the Strategic Plans on a 1, 3, and five year basis
  • Create an auditing procedure for the Financial Management of Northants Recreational Cricket’s Funds
  • Review Financial Reports on a quarterly basis with the CDM
  • Plan and secure sufficient funding to support the long term strategy of Northants Recreational Cricket
  • Complete a range of specified Financial Reports

Area of Responsibility – Assessment

  • Set Minimum Service Standards for Northants Recreational Cricket
  • Manage the Assessment of Northants Recreational Cricket’s activities
  • Complete a review of the Northants Recreational Cricket Assessment and instigate changes in line with it’s findings
  • Complete a Self Assessment of the OMT’s performance

Area of Responsibility – Human Resources

  • Develop the future workforce structure for Northants Recreational Cricket
  • Identify the key paid and volunteer roles within Northants Recreational Cricket workforce
  • Support the CDM in recruiting and retaining both paid and volunteer staff in order to resource the strategic plan with a transparent process
  • Agree with the CDM specific Job Specification documents for all staff members (including volunteers)
  • Create in association with the CDM a clear process for staff development

Area of Responsibility – Communication

  • Develop the brand and identity of Northants Recreational Cricket
  • Clearly communicate Northants Recreational Cricket’s Strategic Plan to the Cricket Community
  • Promote Northants Recreational Cricket with all media forms within Northamptonshire (and beyond)
  • Manage the production of a website that communicates with and supports stakeholders in Northants Cricket
  • Make key Documents regarding Northants Recreational Cricket available to all