Northants Recreational Cricket Schools Activities

We deliver the Chance to Shine initiative into Northamptonshire’s State Primary and Secondary Schools.

About Chance to Shine


• Chance to Shine is keeping cricket alive in state schools
• Before Cricket Foundation launched Chance to Shine in 2005, less than 10% of 
state schools played any form of meaningful cricket
• The campaign set out to bring cricket and the educational benefits of playing the game to 1/3 state schools (6,700) and to two million children by 2015
• 7 years on: 1.86million children educated through playing cricket in 6,500 schools
• Cricket Foundation plans to continue the programme beyond 2015 Secondary
• Chance to Shine is the single biggest school sport initiative in the UK
•The programme is strategically delivered through county cricket boards, local 
cricket clubs and other external agencies such as Local Authorities
• Coaches deliver in schools throughout the year. Each school has a minimum of 2 years funding to help achieve a level of sustainable, competitive cricket
• Nearly half the participants (46%) are girls and 6 of the England Women’s cricket team are employed by Cricket Foundation as coaching ambassadors
• Chance to Shine costs £5million annually. Raise funds privately through individual donors, corporate partnerships, trusts and foundations. ECB, Sport England and MCC provide significant financial support.

NRC Aims and Objectives

• “All Primary Schools have a clear exit strategy”
• “A growth in participation in the 14 to 25 year olds”

Primary Schools


• Exit Strategy – Ensure all participants have an exit route to continue playing outside school
• Specific Girls Activity – A continuation of the participation aimed at supporting girls sections in each of our 4 Districts
• Joined Up Thinking – facilitating the path from Primary to Secondary
• Assembly Visits (England Women / County Ambassadors)


• Inter and Intra School Competition
• Local Partnership Competitions
• School Games


• Creating and encouraging School – Club Links. Assist clubs to forge relationships with the schools in their surrounding community.
• Encourage and assist clubs to form girls Sections

School Engagement

• Offering Informal Teacher Training to increase sustainability within schools
• Promote National Cricket Day in each District
• MCC Spirit of Cricket initiatives

Secondary Schools


• Committed to bringing cricket to all State Secondary Schools. Currently 25 after school clubs running during winter and summer terms.
• Specific Girls Activity as per the primary school initiatives
• Joined Up Thinking – The Path from Primary to Secondary – creating an exit route to their next school as well as to clubs.


• Intra Competition
• County Indoor Competitions
• Chance To Compete
• School Games

School Engagement

• A Cricket Club in each Secondary School
• Cricket Activators
• National Cricket Day